The Festival Malta part 1

On Sunday I arrived The Festival Malta. I am staying here at Malta for 9 days, and the plan is to play a lot! It is of course impossible to plan it all a head, but some of my favourites are Main Event, 8-game, PLO/PLO8, Ladies, Mystery Bounty ++

The travel from Norway was smooth enough. Oslo – Frankfurt – Malta. Then Bolt for 11€ from Airport to Vivaldi.

I went out to eat dinner with Svein Olav and Nos. We had a very good dinner at Blue Elephant at Hilton Portomaso. After dinner we went to the casino to play a 40€ satellite to Pokerlistings Championship Day 1B.

Nos and I made it to the money, with 8 tickets + 190€ for 9th place! Perfect start on the trip!

On Monday we went out with a group of Norwegians to have lunch at Storie E Sapori in San Ġiljan before Pokerlistings Championship/Sviten. Very good seafood pasta and the bruschetta looked amazing!

The Pokerlistings Day 1B was not that interesting for my part. I died there just after lateregged closed around kl.22.30 ish. So I jumped straight into the Knock Out tournament.

In the KO i got up to avg when the lateregg closed, with 25k ish in the stack. Then I got a cooler with AA vs KK all in on the board AKK So i hit the rail and then took an early evening. 

Tuesday I played the PLO Masters from kl.13.00. This went quite better. I had to take a re-entry, but on the second bullet I started to win all the hands of interest and stumbled in to the Finaletable. It was a very social FT with Franke to my left and Sander and Antoine Degiorgio to my right.

Foto: Antoine Degiorgio

Unfortunately I started the first hands with dobling Antoine with my AKK6ds vs his AJ98hhh. So I and Sander where on the shorter side with 7bb each. The average at this point was still only 16bb, so not crisis Good news was that in the next hand ish, seat 9 knocked out 2 persons so we made some good jumps to top 7. I managed to double up and where back in the game. But when we were 5 left I died with KKxx vs seat 9 ( I think he won the tournament, but I cant find his name on the results from FB)

You can find all updates on The Festival on FB and Liveblog

Since Coolbet celebrated theyre 7 year anniversary on the same day, they had a dinner at Avenue for a bunch of Coolbet players. We shared T-bonesteak and the food was amazing!

As you can see, we loved the T-bone:

After this we went back to the casino to play the 125€ Win The Button that started kl.22.00. Of 88 entries Coolbets own head of poker Svein Olav Eidseter took down the trophy! GG

On Wednesday it was time for something I have never done before, to play poker on our Nathional Day 17th May!

We started the day as we often do on 17th May in Norway with bubbles and mimosa. After some social time in the sun, we were off to play one of the highlights on The Festival, The 125€ 8-game  

I brought lots of pom-patches and ribbons for all my norwegian friends. I also had a very social table sitting next to Rune, who played his first 8-game tournament. It went well in all the games, but then I suddenly 3bett jammed allin in NLHE with 99 and run straight into QQ. Re-entry

The 2nd bullet I spun up from startstack to 85k ish after lateregg had closed. Unfortunately I doubled a guy in NLHE and lost the rest in PLO. Classic beginner, to die in the games you think you know?

I died with this hand in the PKO after lateregg closed, and after a long day celebrating, it was time to hit the bed and rest up before Main Event 1C  

The rest of the trip will be covered in The Festival Malta part 2.

Have a beautiful evening, and play well!
deluxe pokerkoffert som vist på TV2 banner
deluxe pokerkoffert som vist på TV2 banner

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