The Festival Bratislava 2023 – Recap

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Finally here is the travel blog from The Festival Bratislava 2023!

Ending this years travels to The Festival Nottingham in February, European Mixed Games Championship and North Masters in Bratislava march/april, The Festival Malta in may, Coolbet Open in september, Norwegian Championship in Norway in October, Malta Poker Festival in October and finally last trip for 2023, The Festival Bratislava.

We travelled down to Bratislava on Monday and I jumped straight into the HORSES 550€ Main Event 1B. I love to learn all this different mixed games and play against better players. I had a blast, even though I was one of the fishes in the field :)

After I died in HORSES I was still eager to play, and all other lateregs was closed, so I jumped in to some cashgame with many familiar faces, and had a good social time.

Tuesday I slept long and met up with Olivia and Chic for some late breakfast/lunch at Millenium Cafe. We enjoyed some good Slovakian wine before we headed back to play Half’n Half NLHE and PLO.

First hand I got dealt I got AAQ7 and end 3-ways allin vs KKxx and JT98. We turn a A, but JT98 scoops it all for a straight on river. Re-entry and new table. After this nothing of interest happens and I bust out.

I then get invited to take the last seat in 2/2€ Cashgame Challenge, so I join this with many friendly faces. This was streamed on

This session did not go so well, since I played like a fish in 2 big spots. But GG to Dainius Antanaitis who won this Cashgame Challenge!

Wednesday was one of the days I had really looked forward to, since it was the 250€ 8-game tournament. First Spokey and I went to the old town for some lunch at Fach Bistro.

The tournament went well for the most parts. I built up my stack to healthy over average for the first periods. But at the end I got a bit card dead, and eventually busted on 28th place. Spokey also unfortunately busted on 27th place, so we went out for a good dinner at Gatto Matto Panska.

The structure in 8-game was really good! Average was steady on 11 big bets all the way until on the bubble, where it dipped down to 9.2 big bets (ish 37 big blinds in NLHE). So a very good way to learn 8-game for a nice price!

Thursday I was well rested and ready for the Main Event. Dont know what happened in my head, but I splashed all the chips away quickly. So I decided to take a break from the tables and enjoy some wine with friends in the lobby instead.

Later on I felt ready for playing again and I joined the 4/5/6 card PLO 250€. This started a bit rough with a big pot wrong way with AAxxxx vs QQxxxx on the board AQx-Q vs a shorter stack. I built my self up again, but then I unfortunately busted on 16th place with 13 in the money.

Friday we went back to Gatto Matto Panska for a long lunch before The Festival Queens Ladies Event. I had a blast playing with so many lovely ladies and managed to reach the FT. Unfortunately I was first to be eliminated on FT after 3bet jamming my short stack with KQ vs UTG open that called with 22.

Congratz to Jade Walker winning, Siv Vekseth with and Cathrine Lea Snildal with!

After exit from Ladies I felt in a good mood, so I jumped in to the last flight for Main Event, Turbo 1F. I did last until last level of Day 1, but then we died again.

Saturday I went out with Stig Moen for dinner at Mezcall. We got company by Målfrid and Thomas Udness and Britt aka Frognerfrue. We had a lovely dinner with very good authentic Mexican food and good drinks. After dinner I went to play the Mystery Bounty. First bullet I am all in with 99 vs K5hh and QQ. Re-entry and second bullet went way better. I play that stack up to 92,6k before we died in 2 pots.

Sunday was a chill day with lunch at my favourite ramen place in Bratislava, Ramen Kazu and dinner with Indian food at Masala Darbar. Good Indian food and nice prices, but medium is not spicy at all, so if you prefer a touch of spice, I recommend you ask for extra spicy!

So as you probably have understood, the poker did not go so well in The Festival Bratislava. Thankfully The Festival is good at having a lot of social events during the series. I also love Bratislava city, the old town, the restaurants and the hospitality at the casinos! So there was plenty of good social time at this trip.

Next The Festival in 2024 will be in Rozvadov, you can read all about it here:

Now I will stay at home in Oslo streaming poker most of the days out December and New Years eve, on my channel: – Come by and say hello in the chat!

First trip in 2024 will be to Novibet Series in Thessaloniki 15-22. January.

You can follow updates from all my trips on my instagram account: Jevakim84 :)

If I dont see you on stream, Thank you for a lovely 2023! Good Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

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deluxe pokerkoffert som vist på TV2 banner

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